Nyquist brigdoc permban appeal

Byond Account: nyquist
Character Name(s): Madeline Levesque
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): joanum (grape flavoured)#5680
Round ID of Ban: 18574
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Banned from Roles: Brig Physician 
permanently - Core 2- powergaming As a brig doc, went to the HoP to get access to 
pharmacy to circumvent brig doc restrictions without the CMO's approval. Round 18574

State your appeal:
so like
gettin access to the pharmacy to make basic healing chems in beakers to keep on my person so i dont have to lay every schmuck that passes thru Teh System of Law and Order with mild bruises on a slab and open them up for surgery is something i was doin for weeks before this, to me it was about as routine and Not Particularly Powergamey as setting up defibs and operating tables in the brigbay. im quite fond of having the Specific Graduations of Specific Chemical and Relatively Rapid Injection handy, and i do my best to make sure im not gettin in anyone elses way in doin it
but like
i dunno my discussion with the Horatio22 admin made it sound like the problem was me getting pharm access at all but the actual ban message makes it sound like the problem was that i didnt ask the CMO first
maybe its both idk anymore
its worded like it was malicious but like as i understood it you go to the HoP to get access changes
either way if you dont want me to do this specific thing you can just Tell Me without immediately permajobbannin me, like this is the first and only time ive heard of this theoretically being even remotely problematic
please and thanks
im not makin things worse for people
at least i think
also please tell me if you want me to ask the CMO or just not get pharm access at all cuz yunno i can work with either im understanding like that
i am utterly dumbfounded and i no longer know what to expect from anything
like i was in the middle of printing beakers and the admin said “no” and i said “ok” and walked away n didnt go back to pharma n i guess it wasnt enough to demonstrate good faith or summ
anyway stay safe n stuff ig

You’re supposed to include the ckey of the banning mod in your appeal so whoever deals with the appeal can follow up with them (if need be). It’s my ban. No need to be weird about it.

The issue is that you did this not only without any authorization from the CMO, but also because we had a full chemistry staff (and MDs idling around before things got crazy) who had access and could have done this for you (you know… the RP part of the RP game) but you chose to get access from the HoP to do it yourself. Playing as the protagonist and refusing to interact with other people/departments because you want your stuff right now is LRP. Should the HoP have given it to you? No, absolutely not, and I talked with them in-round about that as well.

I should have cited core 1 in your ban message but failed to do so, so here that is as well:

Anyway, again, since this is my ban, I won’t be handling the appeal, but I just wanted to clarify why this ban was put in place to begin with.


I will reduce this to a 3 day ban, which means it is expired now. This still wasn’t ok but this makes the ban fit to our progression system.