Ock Ick mad about having their EORG prep ruined during shuttle ETA

Byond Account: me
Character Name(s): Czar XCII
Discord Name: Pepsilon
Round ID: I think its 19159 I was warden and it was on icebox there were two icebox rounds in a row & it was the first one
Date: 2022-03-04
Griefer IC name: Tucker Paynter
Griefer Byond account (if known): idk

What happened:
I was warden, they were a non-antag scientist. They teleported into bridge and stole its fireaxe during shuttle ETA. I meet him on the way to departures while I was getting an SSD clown prisoner to the shuttle while he is still in bridge, engage a short chase that ends in me winning which prompts him to cry about how I’m ruining his EORG preps and that I shouldn’t care and instead stop playing the game because it’s almost over.


He also happened to maxcap cult pre-halo two rounds later on Metastation, both rounds were without any admin.

Both issues have been dealt with. Thanks!