Offical, Ban Appeal for Buggus, Im very sorry

Byond Account: Buggus
Character Name(s): Buggus?!
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Buggus?!
Round ID of Ban: 9312
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal:

I decided I should probably make an offical ban appeal. Ive been very rude to staff, Ive made a few comments I have appologized for and hopefully made up for. Ive been emotional and angry over a few things I feel like Ive been wronged about, though I know I have made some mistakes. I have broken the thin gray line because I didnt know where it laid. I was banned for saying lewd, I didnt think I was making a sexual induendo. I had no idea “lewd” would be a banable offense.

Ive done a few bad things and complained in mentor help and admin help, Ive said bad things, but again they were out of frusteration. I think over time ive gotten better, I have heeded warnings and I have stopped.

This isnt really where I draw my appeal from though, I draw it from being a part of the community. In game ive always strived for roleplay, Ive always strived to help other players and have a good time and I think I achived that goal.

Im really sorry for mentioning lewd, I had no idea that it would have been concidered ERP, I just saw a naked character, going forward I promise not to mention body parts or anything related to anything over PG. I would like another chance to play on the server, with my friends. Ill make sure not to break you rule and keep everything child appropriate.

If you could find it in your hearts to give me another chance I would appricate it, in game ive always kept it a positive experence for everyone. I always did my best not to minge or do anything that would be negitive to other players.

I know ive acted like a child, ive acted emotional, but thats not who I am, im growing and learning and trying to be a better person. I didnt purposly break any rules or tried to be a bad person to anyone and im sorry for being a jerk. Im trying my best to learn to be a better person.

i feel like youre still failing to understand why you really got banned from the server. saying “lewd” ingame was only the straw that broke the camel’s back. its because you sexually harrassed at least one community member and you failed to not be sexually explicit in the presence of children. maybe you should try apologizing for the actual bad things that you did instead of focusing on the most innocuous strike against you. other servers let you be much freer with the +18 content you seem to enjoy, you should go give them a chance.

Spamming appeals isn’t going to help your cause at all you made the staff feel uncomfortable you couldn’t control yourself after being warned on the discord and even getting a second chance there and being let out of the shed to only the next day talk explicitly again you violated your parole and you will not be unbanned any time soon. This is the consequences of your actions.

You keep returning to the straw that broke the camel’s back and acting as if its back was broken with only one straw. Maybe if you actually acknowledged what you did wrong and showed some self-awareness, your appeals would be taken more seriously.

So what will happen?

I did, I said sorry, I repsonded to what I said. I dont want to be lewd or adult here, I just wanted to roleplay. I though I showed alot of self awarness. I said I was being very emotional and not thinking right.

The first comment I made to Gummy, was really bad, I cant say it wasn’t and im sorry. It was a mixture of him being a very popular person and me being a drunken idiot. After that comment I decided to keep it cleaner, I didnt really mean to make it worse. Even the knotty comment wasn’t really supposed to break any rules or the “cammels back”. It was dumb. Thats why I am here to ask, I hope that someone can chime so more knowledge into this. I do want to play. Im just asking for one more chance. My intent was not bad, my intent was good.