Official Fulpstation Lasagna Thread

You thought I was one of those blind, deaf, mutes?“ -some 90s anime

Yeah welcome to the hardest banger of a thread you’ve ever seen in your life. So what is this?

What: post and discuss lasagna
Why: good for morale
Who: lasagna enthusiasts
When: right now you’re obligated to post
Where: right here in this thread

Think you can handle that? I’ll start it off.

With love,


I think the real question on all our minds is: why isn’t there craftable lasagna in game?

The fact we don’t have lasagna in game is a crime here’s lasagna pic

I made lasagna.
lasagna lasagna_descr lasagnacraft lasagnataste
I learned how to use byond just to make this



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Thank you the lasagna PR is going to write your name into SS13 history.

And thank you for that wonderful lasagna picture.

Praise be Garfield

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Well, we did it. The Lasagna PR has officially been merged into TG.
Its beautiful.


This makes me feel so proud to be a spessman, thank you.

I could cry this is the most beautiful merge of all time.

I am posting an emoji for the forum badge :sunglasses:

this is the best character arc i’ve ever seen

can confirm, there actually IS lasaga in fulpstation 13, have made some, no one eats it