Oliver Oliver Justin shuttle grief as non-antag

Byond Account: HoodMilk

Character Name(s): Rhaks

Discord Name: Hood Milk#1414

Round ID: 11779

Griefer Byond account: Fernandez123

Griefer Byond name: Oliver Oliver Justin

What happened: On the Mother Russia Bleeds shuttle at the very end of the round there was a huge plasmafire and the Arena, Security area, and Command cockpit were the only areas clear of fire. Naturally everyone gathered inside the arena since the other 2 areas are impossible for normal crew to reach. We were safe in here for a while but the fire eventually broke through the glass. Everyone got into the area where the bears are released from (There are shutters which block it off from the rest of the shuttle that can be activated from the command cockpit) After some pleading and screaming somebody eventually closed the shutters and the 5-6 people who were hiding in there lived in relative safety. About 30 seconds later Oliver Oliver Justin (A non-antag RD who had no reason to kill us) opened the shutters while screaming that he wanted us to fight to our deaths. The fire came into our small bunker and killed everybody who was left alive on the shuttle. Once again, he was not an antagonist in any way he just decided that he wanted to murder 6 people right before the round end. This was not EORG as he opened the shutters around 1:30 before the shuttle would dock at Centcom and everyone who was exposed to the fire due to his actions died before the round ended.

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haha the mad lad actually did it!

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Holy shit

This has been looked into, thank you for the report!

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