Opinions on cheesecake

This is a very important study for a very important thing.

Please explain how you feel about the cheesecake and its variants.



its shit

i love cheesecake, and lime/lemon flavours seal the deal!

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It depends. The creamier they are, the better. I do not want a semisolid chunck of mass that can’t decide whether it wants to be cake or goo.

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is good, not the best but is good.

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cheesecake is lovely when its more creamy

I have the biggest sweet tooth in the world and will eat just about any cake indiscriminately.

I make my cheesecake with real gouda cheese.

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I make my own lemon cheesecake from cheese spread, mmm. Though cheese spread is most probably a bad translation to English from Dutch.

I ate cheesecake only once and it tasted awful not gonna lie

It’s my favourite type of cake.

cheesecake is good but lemon cake is better

the only acceptable cheesecake is an oreo one with a biscuit bottom layer

I prefer chocolate cake.