Otto / Clunks Moderator aplication

Byond username: ChonkyLord

Discord name: NJ#8984 - Otto / Clunk

Join date: Mid 2020, not certain on the exact date.

Hours you’ve been on the server: 1,227.7 hours as of this moment

When are you online or available to get on: For the most part I’m always around for numerous reasons that I won’t get into unless asked but I assure you I’m usually lurking with intent.

How long have you been a mentor? (Note: only current mentors are eligible to apply for mod): I’ve been a mentor somewhat over a month maybe a month and a half? Honestly not sure.

Do you have prior experience being a moderator: Not on Fulp or using byond and frankly it’s been so long since I have had done something like this that I think it’s just easier to say “No”.

What is something you feel you do well: I’ve a few times reported things to the staff when I’ve noticed it and stopped a few players in the middle of doing something stupid (Example being stopped someone who was “bored” monkey bombing medbay.) I like to think I get along with the community and people do like me regardless of being a miserable bugger at times. But for the most part I enjoy being a mentor and helping out if I’m able.

What is something you wish to change: It’s hard to say really I have no real qualms with how the server is run or how things are currently. I suppose I kind of want to keep it that way? Use the free time I have to help out.

Additional notes: Unfortunately I’m British, this may get my application declined but I thought you should know. To sweeten my application here is my cat in a tie


this would mean my entire gimmick as moderator is ruined if we get another english mod :/

would you prefer my cat be the moderator? We live in Chester so he’s technically a Cheshire cat.

posted a cat in a tie +1

we’re literally both in the same county too, stop stealing my gimmick wtf

Maybe we should meet and you can pet my cats. Bobby is the one in the picture.

This has been accepted! Welcome to the mod team