Our Lord Spungus Ban Appeal The Third MK. II: Now Without Any Attempt at Humor

Byond Account: Our Lord Spungus
Character Name(s): Mikhail Shepkina / Iron Curtain II
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): KanaKhanum/ OL Spungus (Obamium XXX/Unit 42 PYRAMID) #0704
Round ID of Ban: 11419
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): (!)
State your appeal:
Metagame Accusation:
While I was alive I was playing as a human. Here’s how that went: Security Officer Mikhail Shepkina (me) gets off the shuttle, fucks around a bit, goes to Brig, and sees someone, the Quartermaster, getting interrogated and basically confirmed as a syndicate traitor. He gives Mikhail the “uplink code,” upon which Mikhail leaves the area to go and input it, on suspicion that it might explode. It does, in fact, explode.

His soul remains in his severed head for a while until the Warden shoves it into a locker for some reason, effectively removing any chance of revival.

Then, the message comes up: A positronic brain has been created in the Lavaland Church! (or whatever it says) So, I enter the brain and the cultist informs me that he’s going to make me an AI.

So, I play around as this AI for a while, and then suddenly, in the Robotic Talk channel, I see something to the extent of the Research Director conversing over what they think is a secure channel about traitorous activities, followed by rubbing it into a derelict-constructed Engineer Cyborg’s face (which later gained the Reporter lawset and thus was able to report the activity, though it was already ign/esc time) that they can’t do anything about it. Iron Curtain II, however, has one law, to protect the Lavaland church. My reasoning behind informing the station is that someone who has proven themself to be willing to take advantage of machines to have their way is attempting to take an escape pod to evacuate to Lavaland, and thus posing a potential threat to the church centered around machines. Quickly the Research Director and AI (Twox Twixington and B.U.R.T. I believe) attempt to save face by accusing me of lying to try and convert the people of NT to join the Machine Cult, being the other station-board AI that was causing havoc, and some other perfectly-reasonable IC explanations about why I shouldn’t be trusted. Apparently, though, that didn’t satisfy them, and upon their inability to escape from the station thanks to not being able to find the already-departed Escape Pods, must have ahelped and said something that implied I was angry and took the posi brain just then to have revenge, when I didn’t know the AI was malfunctioning to begin with since I’d been Iron Curtain II for a half-hour before the little Robotic Talk fuck-up.

So, to tackle that first accusation: No, I didn’t take the tech cult posi brain just to sell out that the RD is a traitor.

Validhunting Accusation:
“He’s also a syndicate you have 0 reason to valid hunt antags that belong to your own faction”

Since when is the Machine Cult established to be Syndicate, or aligned with the Syndicate in any way? This is a question I asked, and I was not met with a response. And how is it valid hunting to alert the NT station crew that there’s an immediate threat to the station, which, to the AI with laws to protect their church is protecting the church from someone who has proven themself to be willing to take advantage of machines to have their way, in a church focused entirely around machinery.

Upon being bwoinked I was given zero time to explain anything, gibbed after one response, and then banned from the station for three days.

I could care less about being gibbed, but being banned after being gibbed was unfair. Even the tip of the round promotes cooperation and understanding, and despite this, I was not given any cooperation. There was definite bias in favor of the research director, from what I could see. Even if the appeal isn’t accepted, I want to at least make it known that I feel it’s been handled unfairly.

Re-created in a moslty-humor-free way.

Thanks for writing this appropriately this time.

Had you done it this way the first time, I would have reduced this to a spawner/ silicon ban; however, it was correctly applied, so it will stay as-is. Let this be a lesson in being polite in appeals.