Our Lord Spungus: Justice for Meat

Byond Account: Our Lord Spungus
Character Name(s): Meat
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): KanaKhanum (Mikhail Shepkina/Iron Curtain II) #0704
Round ID of Ban: Round 11624
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal:
The entire premise of a malicious act is that the act should be done with malicious intent. It’s a greenshift, and I get assigned to deputy as Meat, the loveable but infuriating beefman who constantly finds ways to get under people’s skin and make life a slightly unbearable hell. Anyway, one of my Tears takes me into the bridge, where everyone knows the fun begins. Little Meat runs around the bridge for a while, then decides to take the fire ax because nobody’s doing anything with it and Meat thinks it looks good on his back. Mind you, Meat hasn’t even harmed a soul, simply running around the bridge and hugging people while they scream at him to go away. These pleas fall on deaf ears, especially because the Pheobetor Tears seem to be in favor of Meat remaining in the bridge.
Then, Meat gets the idea to surprise the captain in her office by being in her office. Knowing full well that nobody in their right mind would let them in, Meat decides to use his shiny new ax on the door to try to crack it open like a can of sardines.
Then, Meat’s meat comes apart at the seams and the bwoink happens.
Had I known my meaty misadventures would end in such a way I likely wouldn’t have done them. But I didn’t expect to be banned over beating a door with a fireax as a friendly meat person, let alone for a week. I really hadn’t intended to do anything but sit in the captain’s bed when I got in there, since there was absolutely nothing going on. I was trying to be a minor nuisance, not an antagonist.

Self Antagging: Acting as an enemy of the station when not one, i.e. making yourself ‘valid’. More often than not, these are capital crimes. If it’s something only an antag would reasonably do- like bombing a department - don’t do it.

The only reason I can see an antag breaking into the captain’s office to sit in their bed is to get themself killed; something I would’ve been perfectly fine with. I wouldn’t have even minded being arrested or something similar, like I had been earlier in the round for a “mutiny”. All in all I feel that this ban was rather unfair, and the treatment that Meat was given before his untimely demise was just cruel. Dismemberment, before simply being wiped away. Everything I did was in the sake of mutual funny, as the log said. And what truly matters at the end of the day? Being a saint, or being a mischevious little shit that people sort of dislike but still enjoy?

It’s less self-antagging and more tiding. What you described is still a violation of our rules, and your recent ban history is why the ban is a week (per our banning policy, duration is based on the most recent ban, not the severity of the behavior). We’re an MRP server; if you don’t want to play by MRP rules, try something LRP.

Appeal denied.