Panic Mechanic's permaban

Byond Account: PanicMechanic1
Character Name(s): Mach-Witseidutsei
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):Panic Mechanic TRC#1384
Round ID of Ban:20372

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):“rules broken: Admin 0 Reason: made a ticket about the captain acting like security but instead of giving us clear information on it was mostly you crying about being noted in the past. couldn’t understand that expecting us to go read the captains logs to figure out what you are crying about is a waist of our time” “was applied by Guillaume Prata”
State your appeal:
A Ahelp message is going out of the way of regular gamplay allready, and i very oftern forget key wording but rember when something is wrong. and i was using the other ban (witch i can kinda understand, didnt agree but understod) as a show of a admin going out of their way to read thoguht logs to prove a sitation. I can understand that time is important, but it was something that could be seen with 30 seconds of watching the captain. this ban happend a while ago (10 days shy of 2 months now)
I still do question why it was a perment ban rather than a warning, or at the very least the temp ban from making ahelps.

You weren’t warned because you have 6 prior bans on the server that should have been warning enough, and you have an absolutely horrible reputation for not treating the staff respectfully.

See what I mean? This isn’t even related to the ticket or why you were banned. You’re just consistently like that.

Your appeal makes it pretty clear you aren’t going to behave any better if this is appealed. I’d say you can try again in 6 months, but I wouldn’t bother.

This is denied.