Papersmiles note complaint

“Dusted themselves at shiftstart as a station engineer and started the SM delamination. This is considered antag rolling and you’re showing no regard for other players.”
Byond has been really shitty to me recently with terrible ping spikes and random crashes. I’ve been having to deal with joining the server, getting spiked to 5000 ping, then proceeding to have to reconnect usually 2 or more times for my ping to come back to normal. Whenever I get these ping spikes and reconnect, I come back to my character multiple tiles away from where I used to be. My character moves forward in the direction of the last key I pressed while Om crashing. This has happened to me before when I was a heretic and I ended up dying in tcomms cause my character moved forward while I wasn’t there. I ahelped this and got a revive. This brings me to now I’ve finished setting up most of the SM, and had to do the pipes in the SM airlock. The second I go to the airlock doors my ping spikes and I reconnect to being dusted by SM. I complained about this in dchat then left the game. I couldn’t control myself getting dusted by SM, so I would like to have the note removed from my account.

Here you go Ban Appeal Template and how to make a staff report - #4 by Mike for making a staff report regarding the note

How do you get the round ID, also Im not trying to report a staff member for doing their job wrong, I just want to clear up what really happened on a note I received.

Scratch that, writing a note appeal now