Papitchoblz Ban appeal

Byond Account: papitchoblz
Discord Name: papitchoblz#4103
Round ID of Ban:21100
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal: Hello.
Before I begin I should mention this happened on my very first night on space station. Some of my friends are old timers and they finally managed to convince me to give it a try. I had no idea how to respond to Adminhelp, and even though I mentioned the “sproing” noise to my friend I had to click on it to answer and it was drowned on other messages incoming at the moment and I just didn’t mind it. This game carries a lot of cognitive overload with it for a first timer. Now, on to the actions themselves: Even though I was advised not to metagame (and this is the reason that prevented me from discussing those events in detail with my friends, which could have helped clear things up) I had very strong suspicions about the target of my actions. I was sure they were antagonists due to the hostility they displayed towards me previously, even though it was only verbal. I had also witnessed the victim of my violent acts conspiring against a crewmember I was positive was not an antagonist. It was a wildly confusing and entertaining experience, and I’m sorry for any unintentional grief I caused, but I wholeheartedly believed I was doing the “right thing”.
After discussing the ban with my experienced friends they explained to me that the IC information my character gets and the feelings they have are gone with said character when they die, and that even though I reincarnated as another entity I should have started from a “clean slate”. Again, I’m new to the game, and this concept was beyond me.
I do understand what happened now and would be very happy to be able to play on Fulpstation again, as the systems are all very smooth compared to a number of other stations I’ve tried and the community seems relatively receptive to newbies like myself.

The advice you were given is correct; if you join as a new character, you pretty much forget everything from your past life. Additionally, as a crew member who is not part of security, you are not allowed to attack or kill people you suspect (or even know) are antags. This was a perma ban due to you not responding to the ticket, so I will be reducing this to a 3 day from the start of the ban to be in line with our ban progression policy outside of that (so it should expire tomorrow).