Past "Chemist Notes"

I will readily admit, I was a shitter. I mained chemistry and used chemicals on people like the entire station and it’s inhabitants were my testing ground. I wanted to share some of my
stories as I find looking back on these to be extremely funny as I got away with far too much.

(Please don’t get me in trouble for these admemes, this was a while ago. I’m a good boy now! But seriously, Fulp is a server I joined when I was really new, but I have more experience now. I play on it mainly because I have alot of roles unlocked, but because of the fact that server is for newer people I have to follow stricter rules so that they can learn easier. I understand that and have been much less of a shitter since I started playing more actively again.)

Neurotoxin beaker bombs for bar!
Neurotoxin + Sugar in one beaker, Potassium and Phosphorus in the other. We all know where this goes. Do a good mixing and the entirety of the bar is covered in funny smoke which causes alot of brain damage and medical visits.

Potassium + Water grenades & a newby’s stomach using Ghetto Surgery
Made a Water + Potassium bomb, grabbed a random assistant, and shoved it into his chest. When the shuttle was called I made a boom using the remote detonator. No idea what happened to that guy, but all I can assume is they didn’t have alot of fun.

MY DOWNFALL. Accidentally bombing shuttle trying to fuck the detective up…
This is going to take some explaining. I had wanted to do a gimmick where I did surgeries no questions asked for a little bit of moolah. I joined as assistant, broke into chemistry and stole a dispenser, and brought it to bar. Then I stole some stuff to do ghetto surgery, the average kitchen knife and wirecutters setup. I did 1 or 2 surgeries before the detective found me and saw something he shouldn’t have. Alot of metal and 2 remote detonators. I was planning to give some of my patients a free “implant”, just a good ol’ potassium + water for round end. The det stole my remote detonators and spied on me for the rest of the round. I wanted to fuck him up. I made a phlog grenade, my first time ever making one, and waited until I saw him next. That sadly was at shuttle. I lit the boom boom and missed. I rage quit and came back a bit later to see a 7 day ban. Apparently it wasn’t the 3x3 plasma fire I expected, it killed multiple fucking people and fucked up the shuttle. Completely honest I gave myself a pat on the back because goddamn, that type of destruction shouldn’t of been that easy to make.
If an admin is reading this you might remember an old ban appeal on a different account about this incident. Made a new account because that one was lousy and I only made it for the ban appeal, didn’t want that garbajj appeal sitting on my account history lol.

That’s the story of shitter Jack Steele and how he always seemed to make the gods angry for his own enjoyment… But after much, MUCH brain damage given to him by self produced meth on GoonStation he has returned a better man, reformed and extremely confused as to why everyone keeps fucking with his plumbing. MAKE YOUR OWN GODDAMNIT, STOP SETTING EVERYTHING TO SULPHURIC ACID!