Patrick Shirley Sentient Mob and creator RDM. And power gaming

Byond Account: Blaberface
Character Name(s): Observer
Discord Name: Blaberface#1069
Round ID: 14590
Griefer Byond account: N/A
Griefer Byond name: Patrick Shirley
What happened:

During the shuttle transit, a scientist created a sentient mob. Patrick shirley begins to attack the sentient mob (Even though it was clearly sentient) The sentient mob retaliates by hitting patrick shirley once. Patrick then proceeds to murder the sentient mob. And the proceeds to stun baton and handcuff the scientist who made the sentient mob. He then proceeds to strangle and execute the scientist on the spot. He powergamed by having a stun baton for no reason.

In this image he is seen standing off to the side after choking the scientist till death and the dead sentient mobs (None hostile) Until patrick began attacking

Pat Shirley murderbone and powergaming2

Him chocking the scientist to death

Pat Shirley murderbone and powergaming3

Patrick with a stun baton and cable restraints.

Your round ID, it is listed as 145900. We’re still in 5 digit rounds. Could you clarify the correct round ID?

Ah, sorry. Typos be like.

Thank you, looking in to it.

Dealt with, thanks for the report.