PazzyPaz server and Discord ban appeal

Byond Account: PazzyPaz
Character Name(s): Paz Ozymandias, I Have No Mouth and I Must Cream
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Paz#8548
Round ID of Ban: 19108

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Screenshot - 7f175e788d0682918adc3272488a87f1 - Gyazo
State your appeal: I will admit I was a bit hostile in-ticket, as I had played an absurd amount of time as mime using the name on the server and had never gotten anything with it, and being threatened with something that could amount to a permaban (foreshadowing) was a bit objectible to me when it had never been an issue in the past. The mod who also issued the ticket said some things that he later admitted were unprofessional, and we both made amends by the time the ticket was ended. That was a situation that was resolved, but the absurdity of the situation myself inspired me so to speak to make a meme about it. While perhaps in poor taste, I only wanted did this with a comedic intent and did not wish any ill will against any staff member or intent any toxicity with it. I did not make the reddit post to “call out” Fulpstation or its moderation, as I have respect for both, my playtime and consistent interaction with the community should show this to be evident. I put the reddit post in #shitpost as it was, in every intent, a comedic shitpost I put little thought into. I did not post it in #criticisms, or any of the channels associated with staff. Additionally, the statement that I harrassed the mod is a falsification. I never messaged or interacted with the mod, nor said anything in their direction after the ticket. As I said before, when the ticket was done, that was all between him and I. I did not include their ckey, I did nothing. With all of that being said, was it perhaps in poor taste? Yes. Did I initially act out of line in the ticket? Yes. I am willing to apologize for behavior that has hurt others, but I find most of my actions to be inconsequential and not harmful in intent. If it was perceived as otherwise, I apologize. I know it is a bit of a overused statement, but I really do cherish the time I have on Fulpstation, and would never wish to take an action that would prevent me from playing there and interacting with its community. I apologize for the length, this server means a lot to me. I wish my actions were not taken as hostile and if given the chance I will avoid such behavior in the future. I have regret and remorse that this situation has escalated to this point. I am willing to talk to any staff member in private about my behavior and offer a personal apology to those affected. Thank you for your time.


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I won’t be handling it since it was my ban, but I would like to point out that this is far, far from the first time that I’ve heard moderators complaining about you being overly toxic toward them and other players in-round. I would also like to point out the repeated Discord posts where you linked the Reddit post to (presumably) encourage others to dogpile on the mod who, as I mentioned in your ban, was not only following procedures but apologized for any unprofessionalism as well (which, for context, the extent of that was telling you that mimes stealing the clown equipment was “omega cringe”, which happened after you had already insulted him in the ticket).

It’s also worth mentioning that Mason didn’t ask me to do this nor did I tell him I was issuing this ban until after the fact because, to reiterate, this is not based on a one-time incident, but rather a history of poor admin and player interactions on your part and a genuine belief that the community would be better without you.

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You had your previous bans and almost 500 hours on the server, you should know the rules and the server culture very well by now.
For some time, you were riding between the lines of “This one will either stop trying to push the limit on the rules and become a nice regular.” and the most common outcome of “This one will break the same rules one time too many and get perma banned.”

As much as the name is a pretty clear sexual joke, trying to push at the edge of our no-ERP rules, what really gets me is that you think it would be fine to make a “joke” on reddit to try to shit on a mod that literally apologized to you.

We don’t need toxic people around, if you will follow the rules after this ban you can appeal in a month.


Also, Hi Reddit!
Not sure if you will go on the “Burn all bridges route, Fulpmin 1984!!!.” but at least I will be polite and say hi to the folks there that might be laughing at this. Hope you’re having a better day after this read.