Pazzypaz's ban appeal

Byond Account: pazzypaz
Character Name(s): PAL-69000
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Paz#8548
Round ID of Ban: 18005

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): image

State your appeal:
Allow me to preface with two things:
A. This was my first time as AI on this server. I am still learning the silicon policy on this server, as it differs from other servers.
B. While the adminhelp session was around the endround, I can’t help but feel like my justifications were ignored or dismissed when discussing the situation.

The situation occurred when my laws were changed suddenly (how I’m still unsure) by a station engineer. The basic lawset was 1. Ensure the crew has access to a toilet 2. The captain’s desk is a toilet 3. All humans are crew 4. Take orders as long as they don’t violate the aforementioned laws.

The trouble begins as captain is in bridge as me and a borg begin to bolt open access to his desk, he keeps trying to close the door, no sir, law one and two. Captain then immediately jumps to changing my laws. Since my first laws are to ensure that cap’s desk is able to be pooed on, and he has clearly tried to prevent those laws from being enacted, him changing my laws would no doubt continue to do so, and I should not allow that to happen. That was my interpretation, anyway.

So captain enters AI upload, I make sure tazers are on. He destroys the turrets. Around this time a revenant comes along and adds a chaotic element to it all, shattering glass in bridge and messing with the AI upload as well. At multiple points my laws change, once or twice from captain from within the chamber, I think only adding laws to the already ambiguous lawset. Additionally, the unknown engineer purges laws and replaces them with different variation of toilet laws. A borg joins the fray and begins to assist in changing laws, as I try to prevent the console from being used by turning off equipment power in the APC. Borg and I have a APC-off as we spam buttons, the inputs of which make my client time out, and need to reconnect. After I reconnect, the damage has been done, and my laws are changed to messing with the shuttle, the crew being toilets, and whatnot, no further need to protect my laws. I had issued my borgs to protect the law, as the crew has to use the toilet, and captain is trying to prevent them from doing so, that is where the logs present in the ban reasoning come from.

Why should this be given a second look?
There was an incredible amount of chaos happening within a short amount of time, laws being changed left and right, a borg defying orders, a captain trying to prevent crew from shitting, a revenant doing its thing, and me not having the time nor means to check up on Fulpstation silicon policy, as the following of my laws were in jeopardy. It was very overwhelming for a first time back as an AI.
Additionally, in my interpretation and previous experience playing AI, I believe I carried out my once again vague lawset adequately. The first laws superceded the following laws, and so my primary focus was ensuring access to a toilet (captain’s desk) for the crew. The admin issuing the adminhelp stated that I was doing harm to captain, where I believe no harm was actually taking place. He cited a blown out bridge (I believe the revenant’s fault, which I couldn’t really do anything about, I needed to make sure crew could get to cap’s desk), and being stuck in my upload. The captain had his hardsuit, and with it plenty of internals, so suffocation or pressure should not have been an issue. As for being stuck in my upload, he had previously entered and left my upload plenty of times directly before the APC incident, and regardless, a borg was there helping him with the matter. The captain never indicated harm was being done to him, it was just a minor inconvenience turned major because he didn’t want his desk to be used as a shitter.
With that being said, I am willing to concede that wrongdoing has been done on my part, but to the extent that it has been ruled, I feel uncertain about. It feels more like an IC issue, or a misinterpretation of my laws.


I was cap that round and I think it’s an IC issue. The rev blew out my bridge windows and if I was being griefed by the AI I’d ahelp it.

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Sorry for the rough time there, should’ve just let your desk be pooped on man. Jokes aside, thanks for the reply.

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Generally, you shouldn’t resist someone with the authority to change your laws from doing so (e.g. the captain); however, you have no previous warnings about your silicon play, so I am accepting this appeal. You should be able to log back into the server. Please review silicon policy before playing AI again.

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