PDA Storage Upgrades

As I couldn’t get a answer in this thread Upgraded PDA's? and I couldn’t find anything in game currently I would like to Request PDA storage upgrades to be researchable. Perhaps at the same stage modular computers unlock have either:
A. A Storage expansion card that just is a flat upgrade that can be applied to PDA’s, Perhaps Also a Premium Option at round start from the Tech vendor.
B. The ability to insert Blank Data Disks to Increase Storage, and when installing software you can choose if it goes on the PDA or the Disk. Could also Lead to Antag gameplay where you save illegal software on the disk so you can remove it when you want to hide it or use it to steal software from a PDA or a Console like the HoP’s Access Software

Edit: Also if we are doing PDA upgrades perhaps a Optional Camera upgrade that can be installed, Have the Detective, Warden and Curator come with a Camera PDA by standard

PDAs used to have upgradeable storage but it was removed because it’s better and easier to balance file space numbers around a fixed set of available space.

As for your camera upgrade, that’s already a thing in the form of a maintenance application

ok as there’s no wiki explanation how would I access/activate the camera in game?

You find the camera app in maintenance if you’re lucky

So basically it’s a non feature if your playing the game to the server rules and doing your job

Yeah, go get an actual camera (like the det spawns with)