PDAs are Hard to Understand

Yeah I just read about the PDA on the wiki, and although I understand the part where you can use it to chat with specific people, take down notes, atmos scan, flashlight, and buy traitor items, but I don’t get the other stuff that I probably need to know about for job specific stuff. Any ideas how to use the PDAs more effectively in simpler terms, or at least explaining some jargon?

They can install apps from the database depending on the access of the ID thats in it. Job PDA cartridges have pre-installed apps for your job that get added to your PDA when inserted, like med scanner or job records.

Ok, but how bout the features of apps I need to know of, or even better, all of it, in a nutshell?

being a paramed main i like to use an app called “lifeline app” it allows you to track people just like the crew pinpointer does. the only downside is once tcomms go down, it stops working. i know cargo uses them alot too. they may have an app that helps them with cargo stuff. i have very little hours in cargo though.

another important one is the access manipulation app that heads can get, can’t remember what it was called though…