Pepsilon's Mod App

Byond username: Pepsilawn

Discord name: Pepsilon#7751

Join date: 2020-08-31 according to FulpstationManager.

Hours you’ve been on the server: 795 hours at the time I am writing this.

When are you online or available to get on: Right now, I am available to get on at any point during the day (CET), from 8 AM to 11 PM. Once restaurants are open again in France, sometime in an unknown future, I’ll be available all of Monday and Thursday and 8 AM-11 AM, 2 PM-7PM during workdays (Although subject to change).

How long have you been a mentor? (Note: only current mentors are eligible to apply for mod): At the time I am writing this, my mentor application was a little over two months ago, in early January.

Do you have prior experience being a moderator: I have been a moderator for an online roleplaying game called Attorney Online, as well as it’s Skype group and later Discord server for about six years. It was a chatroom application heavy in roleplay inspired by the Ace Attorney game series in which people would partake in court cases made by the community (which is also probably the reason why Lawyer is my fifth most played job). While the server is now defunct due to the decrease in popularity of chatroom apps, I ended up being the lead admin and server host for the last year of its runtime. I also had experience moderating a relatively popular (~40 players on average) Minecraft server for 2 years.

What is something you feel you do well:
I believe I have a good understanding of the server rules as my note history has so far been clean despite my second most played role being Clown.
I am able to track down rule-breaking behaviour rather well too, and I am not afraid to snitch about troublemakers, with multiple ahelps and grief patrols on my belt.
During my mentor career I also learned how to codedive more effectively, which is an effective tool for certain mhelps. I also hosted myself a private server on the Fulp repo to test niche things or interesting what-ifs people had concerning game mechanics, as a result, it also made me somewhat familiar with some tools moderators have access to as well as their uses (Player Panel, VV and such).
I do not believe I have any enemy or had any notable dispute with anyone on the server either, so I would say I am good at keeping good relations with other players.

What is something you wish to change:
I noticed that the time at which there is the least moderation on is during early EU hours, after american players’ bedtime, especially during workdays. Being a restaurant worker in the Central European timezone, I believe I fit in the niche quite well as I am available Mondays and early mornings.
Something else I would like to change is the high amount of self-antagging, as during all my hours on the server, I have noticed that the biggest rulebreaking issue seems to be related to that, usually due to not having bothered to read the rules at all.
Something else that I have noticed is that the pseudo-staff-tide is becoming too strong lately, hence my application to give staff a better fighting chance by joining their ranks before the reds take over.


You make me laugh ingame and in discord, and a clean note history having that many hours is quite impressive. Feels like this will be a good fit. +1

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Huge +1, you are one of our best mentors and I feel like you would be a great mod

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As a new player of the server and the game Xar-See was a name I could respect in game and on discord. Even if I’m personaly more of contrarian concerning certain admin/mod ruling he had no problem for, I cannot be angry about him. He’s sometimes rather laxist in game concerning his responsabilities role but I prefer that to the one getting angry about anything and ruining other enjoyment. He does have a great understanding of the rules and was often the one telling other to make grief patrol, since he’s a known and respected presence on the Discord I really think he made the difference for the moderation already by convincing victims to make reports. He also have a knowledge of the code to gameplay that does help a lot.
On the whole I can only encourage him for his future mod role, as without doubt he is made for the job.

+1 for Eckarseee, plus he’s a fellow French and vastly more mature than me at his age hohohoho


I am very happy to see this mod app. +1

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I’m so excited to see this! You’ll be a great mod +1

better later than never, +1
hehe funny lizard

obviously a +1 from me!

Accepted! Welcome to the mod squad!