Perm ban appeal non-antag chef

Byond Account: Realityisanything54321
Character Name(s): Song 'never dies' Jacks
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):Amogus with a gun!#6309
Round ID of Ban:20174

Ban Message: welderbombed 3 times as non-antag chef. clearly you have no intention of playing here by the rules, based given your note history and short playtime.
Appeal: I have been playing for a while, maybe not as much as some admins but I do understand the rules. the reason I blew up those bombs was because I was at a phase in fulpstation where I was bored and just thought of any way I could make an interesting story. I admit that I went too far and did something really stupid. I promise I will not do this anymore and think about your rules more the next time I play. I now have full intention on playing by the rules. also with playing multiple servers I have realized that your server is special and how special the rules are.

Your “phase” was 2 weeks ago and then you went and did the exact same thing on Yog. Judging by your ban history, you don’t really contribute much to the “story” aside from grief. This is denied.

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