Perma Ban Appeal Again - Prods

Byond Account: Prods

Character Name(s): Randall Hogmark

Round ID of Ban: 18774

Ban Message. After being banned for 1 day (a very light ban for our progression system), you joined the discord just to ping the banning mod and call them a coward. Feel free to apologize to the banning mod in an appeal if you ever want to play here again.

State your appeal: A month ago I responded to a 1 day ban by joining the Discord and calling @Mike a coward. I was obviously annoyed that he banned me at round end when I wasn’t able to reply to the admin PM and I already had apologized to him and we are cool. I will not repeat this behavior and am sorry for it. I’d like another chance to play on the server.

Prods (6’6")

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Sure, but do read the rules before you join.
You had a few notes in the past that are pretty bad and were easily avoidable, anything seriously will go back into a perma so let’s avoid that please.


Guillaume Prata (173cm((best measurement system)))