Perma-Ban Appeal (and maybe a sec/command ban appeal too)

Byond Account: GeorgeBushGaming (I was ban evading using this one, but it is my main)
Character Name: Suzanna Hendricks
Discord Name: georgebushgaming#1690

Round ID of Ban: 18165

My Appeal: I honestly would not be surprised if you guys denied this. And I wouldn’t throw a fit either, seeing as this is entirely my fault. I was probably one of the more problematic and shitty people on the server, but I could be wrong. My admin remarks page had dozens of entries, I was regularly breaking rules and breaking character, and I was ruining the game for a lot of people around me. That all aside, I have realized quite a few things in the ah… I don’t even know how many months I have been banned.

First off, I haven’t completely given up on the game, and have been playing on low roleplay ones like Sybil and Basil, as well as Manuel. It was really eye opening to see the difference in behavior on the servers, where mine was more akin to what you would find on the Lrp servers, where if I wanted to be playing on Fulp or Manuel, I should have been conducting myself in a much better manner.

So I stuck with the Lrp servers for a while, and eventually, I got bored of them. It was the same thing over and over, everyone being shitty, murdering each other, and it was just a wasteland. Hey wait a minute, that sounds an awful lot like me and what I do.

Then, I went over to Manuel and started playing on there instead. The experience was like night and day. I loved it. I learned a ton more about how to play the game (which I believe was another one of my problems, as when I was playing on Fulp, I knew barely anything about the game), and I think I finally learned the trick to staying in character.

Alright, I am sorry for the wall of text, but I had to get that all out. It seems necessary to explain how I got to this point right now. I miss Fulp. I honestly do (which seems crazy, considering I knew nothing about the game while playing there). There was this perfect balance of chaoticness, peace, fun times, and most of all, the playerbase was really just overall not bad. So I guess what I am asking for is one more chance, just one more to prove that I have changed my ways and am not going to be a shitter anymore. It’s a lot to ask, considering I said something similar to this in my last ban appeal I think, but in the end it is up to you guys to decide whats best for the community. I’ll accept any decision you make, but all I want is one more chance. Maybe probation or something like that, I don’t know. Thanks for reading.


I will be honest, I have zero hopes that this will go well, you had way too many chances already.

Still I will give you the benefit of the doubt and remove your server ban, I don’t trust you to be capable of playing as Command and not shitting on the round for others yet but you can prove me wrong. You will need to make another appeal for that after you get yourself 50 hours on the server without trouble, you had 300 in total for comparison.

Have fun on the server.

Half accepted I suppose.