Perma Ban Appeal By Bears

Byond Account: SSD Port
Character Name(s): Courier Six
Discord Name Bears#4779
Round ID of Ban: 16350

Ban Message :
State your appeal: Hello mods, I would like to ask to be unbanned. It’s been a while coming up on my anniversary of my time here. I don’t have much to put in as my ban was justified. I just want a ounce of your time to consider unbanning me. I guarantee you I am able to follow the rules accordingly with minimal issue. I don’t wanna say “just because it’s been a while you should unban me”. But people do change over time and I feel as I have.

Please and thank you

It’s been a while so I will trust you.

I’m hoping it won’t have a third time so please go read the rules, some things changed since you last played.