Perma banned for having a new account by incompetent mod Sliggist

Byond Account: SlipperyJohnstein
Character Name(s): Harold Bondo
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):
Round ID of Ban: 23248

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
“Core 2 - multikeying very obviously an alt account, Spaced a virologist with no real reason to do so and refused to tell me his primary ckey”
State your appeal:

fulpstation is a beginner server it says so in the name but despite this, the incompetent moderator “sliggist” bans me because he has a suspicion I have another account. His only reason to think this is that my byond account is only like a week old and I have 7 hours on the server.

I’m really confused as to why fulpstation is banning players just because they are new? I thought it was “beginner friendly.” He says that because I was playing virologist when I was banned it must mean im a veteran player or something? The only reason I was playing virologist was because someone said for that round their could be an unlimited amount of virologists, so I toggled it on. I have no idea how to play virologist or what it even does. That’s why I’M ON THE BEGINNER SERVER!! I was playing virologist for all of 10 minutes before I got permanently banned. What am I missing here? What kind of moderators bans people on a whim or loose suspicion?


This appeal was already denied- you can re-appeal in 6 months.

Hey there pegasister here at fulp we expect our community to be able to handle being talked to without flipping out (like when applejack got mud on the dress rarity made for her). One of the things you may notice is when you act aggressive no pony gives a hoof about helping you! When you call someone incompetent it makes you look like nightmare moon (aggersive) which doesn’t help you when you want to be unbanned. Everypony is expect to be able to treat each other with respect even if you don’t agree with them staying calm and talking about it is the only way to handle your problems. You may notice I didn’t ban you I denied your appeal because your story didn’t really add up to any pony on the staff team! But when you act like this it makes us reassured we made the right choice by removing you from the community. We hope when you appeal in 6 months your feeling better and can explain your story!


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