Permaban Appeal 28958

Byond Account: Mutant_coolguy
Character Name(s): Grooble Braun
Discord Name (ie: Mutant#2246):
Round ID of Ban:28958

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal: I can see where the staff are coming from but my behavior was not trying to put down the staff but to be cheeky (if you check the logs I was saying admemes so i’d thought i’d get the point across i was saying thing ironically, even later down in the chat i was agreeing with how the round was handled) but I understand that it was not seen that way. I think a permanant ban is quiet excessive for what i’ve done, all my prior bans and notes expect one has been about gameplay and i havent gotten any bans in a long time. I play fulp a lot and interact with the community a fair bit so i’d be quiet sad to be banned. I’ll keep this interaction in mind if I do get unbanned with how I interact with people in game and how sarcasm isnt as easily seen in text. Thank you :).

I’m not really sure why this was a ban, so I’m accepting the appeal. You should be able to log in next round.