PermaBan Appeal By Bears

Byond Account: SSD Port
Character Name(s): Courier Six
Discord Name (Bears-#1216):
Round ID of Ban: 14026
Ban Message :Imgur: The magic of the Internet

State your appeal: I would like to point out that the cop who shot me was not supposed to be in the bridge and shot me for dragging him out. Rightfully I was pissed that a sec officer just shot a head for no reason so I did in fact go a bit over board with me hitting him in his leg with a bat. After I crit him I head back up to the top part of the bridge to continue what I was doing and then the officer stun batons me. After that I hit him more times with the bat back into crit which then I pick up the axe because this is the second time he has hit me, soon to be third. After he tries to hit me CE tells him to stop which I then go to the sec officer and tell him to apologize because he just shot me for no good reason. He says no and some other things I cant recall, so pissed off I undoubtly over escalate the fight by hitting him in the head with an axe, but I think the ban is too long and I ask for it to be shorten to 2 weeks at least, or 1 week if your feeling generous. (My point in this was that the admin set my ban for too long for what I did, I would also like to point out I did not kill anyone just crit him like self defense law says)

Don’t heads of staff get batons? For batoning people?

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I have decreased this from a permanent server ban to a permanent command ban instead. You can appeal this in one month’s time. However, if you make any more trouble like this, you should assume it’ll go back to a permanent server ban, so please try your best to follow the rules.

Appeal partially accepted.