Permaban appeal: CharksTheLizard

Byond Account: CharksTheLizard
Character Name(s): Julia (I forget the exact name)
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): CharksTheGecko#6906
Round ID of Ban: 15347
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): 

State your appeal: I am taking full responsibility for my actions. I did go around welding things and caused the explosion. I am asking for a second chance as I haven’t gone postal before on Fulpstation.

I loaded in and tried to remember controls. Space bar wasn’t working for chat and lagging badly. The emergency shuttle was called and I got locked into the cargo bay. Tried to use a welder to get out and just kept messing up since I’ve never done construction before. Ended up slipping out with a security officer. Went around seeing how to dismantle things with the welder and blew up maintenance on accident. Decided to weld emergency doors shut for fun. I was going to unweld them all then slipped out into space on the last door.

I do wish to play again on Fulpstation when I have better internet and properly reviewed the controls rather than just hopping in on a whim.

What’s your main account?

This is my only Byond account: CharksTheLizard
I only have two characters on Fulpstation. A librarian and a cargo technician.

Alright, thanks for clarifying that and taking responsibility. Please give our rules another read through. I’m going to reduce this ban to 6 days starting from the date of the ban, so it will expire on 06-28. There were issues with multiple bans being applied for some reason, so please let me know if you’re not able to get in on 6.28 after 9pm CDT.