Permaban appeal: SID3BURNZ (2)

Byond Account: SID3BURNZ
Character Name(s): Luther Van Houtten
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):
Round ID of Ban: 13267
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal: (It will not let me copy/paste and the window is not showing the full message/can’t maximize, so I will paraphrase what I can see/fill in the blanks best I can) You don’t need to be here if you’re going to say were “fat ugly neckbeards… Playing make belief” you can appeal on the forums if you decide you want to cut the toxicity.

Over the past 3 months I’ve thought about whether I should try to appeal or not, because I don’t think my ban will be overturned for a number of reasons. Obviously the way I spoke was horrid and inexcusable, and despite how I personally feel about/interpret how I used the slurs in question, after reading the admins response and reading the rules, I understand now that how I feel on the matter is irrelevant and that I can never under any circumstances utter those words on the server again. Using the words I did wouldn’t fly in a work environment as mentioned in the rules, and I promise I won’t use them again, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for using hate speech and for making others feel uncomfortable, I want everyone to have fun and understand that I need to control my temper more if I want to continue playing this game. I love this server too much to do anything from this point onward that would risk getting me banned. I miss it, all of it. I play on Paradise Station now, without issue, but I have IRL friends I recruited to Fulpstation and we all like playing on there together.

After reading the rules I now understand terms like powergaming and I can see how my actions could be labeled as such. It was unintentional, and I apologize, it won’t happen again. I pretty much just wanted to be like Manfred Von Karma - not an excuse, just a reason for why I took the baton. The admin responding to my appeal mentioned how I chose the name Van Houtten as a reference to a Manson girl. I’m sorry but that is simply not true. Swear on my grandma’s grave, I had to look up who that was because I didn’t have a clue. There’s a coffee company called Van Houtte, one letter off of Van Houtten, and to be fair my name was not spelled the same as hers (though I know that is besides the point). I chose the name Van Houtten simply because it sounded funny to me and it was the name that popped up from the dark recesses of my brain. That’s really all it was. You have to be reasonable and admit that Leslie Van Houten is not really a household name, I wouldn’t consider it one anyhow.

Please, I’m begging you, give me a chance to show you I’m not BSing you. I can follow rules, I am a reasonable guy. I had a bad game and I’ve learned from it, and I highly suggest you to look through my other games across 72 hours on the server as evidence that I do know how to roleplay and be decent. I miss this server so much, please. I’d even propose putting me on some sort of “probation period” where there are limitations placed on me, which I can appeal at a later date after showing that I can demonstrate good behavior. I won’t ruin anyone’s fun, even if I feel mine is being ruined. Again, I love this server too much to risk getting banned again. Thank you.

This looks like a sincere post and it’s been some time so you’re going to get your second chance on the server.
Just remember, you have been warned about IC in OOC, OOC insults IC, about slurs and just regular toxicity so breaking any of the rules around these issues will go straight back to a perma ban.

Appeal accepted, hope you can have fun on the server.