Permaban appeal: SID3BURNZ

Byond Account: SID3BURNZ
Character Name(s): Luther Van Houtten
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): None
Round ID of Ban: 13267
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): (It will not let me copy/paste and the window is not showing the full message/can't maximize, so I will paraphrase what I can see/fill in the blanks best I can) You don't need to be here if you're going to say were "fat ugly neckbeards... Playing make belief" you can appeal on the forums if you decide you want to cut the toxicity.
State your appeal:  I am black and I was playing a character that reflected that. Normally I am a lizard person but I decided to play a character that more accurately reflects me. I was paranoid from the get go that I would face discrimination of some kind as that has been my experience with online gaming many times before, and being a lawyer working with Sec, I naturally requested a weapon such as a baton to defend myself. Within a minute or two after requesting, somebody left a baton on the table right beside me and I assumed it was for me. I immediately started getting harassed by Sec for the remainder of the round and I will admit, I lost my temper and said some pretty nasty things. I felt like I wasn't being heard and while I personally believe race being an issue here is up for debate, I will admit I could have handled the situation better and if given the opportunity to play on Fulpstation again, I will refrain from personal attacks and toxicity in the future. This is my first time being banned, and I have only received warnings from admins on maybe two other seperate occasions for uttering an anti-gay slur "f****t" - I am gay as well, and while my stance on that term is probably different than most, I can respect the rules of the server and refrain from using slurs of any kind. I hope you will consider my appeal, thanks.

Lets look over the logs for what happened!
image image



image d
The first bit of hate speech

Then you go off calling everyone cunts half a dozen times after sec arrested you for power gaming sec gear.

Then we get fail RP

Now sexual content

Now we finally get to the part where an admin talks to you

You didnt even respond to the admin help
So lets break it down you RP as a racist stereotype call people slurs power game sec gear thinking because your rping as a black character it makes it ok no one gave you the baton hos didnt ok you having the baton you just took it then screamed at sec for like half an hour then moved to sexual content when finally confronted about how you’ve been acting immediately killing yourself and not responding to admins PMS. This is obviously being denied your behavior in game was so toxic there is no possible way for this ban to be appealed and you were warned before.

TLDR: You broke almost every single rule in one round appeal denied.