Permaban: Horatio22

Byond Account: SinfulBliss
Character Name(s): Axle Brady
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): TreyJ#0265
Round ID of Ban:15432
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal:

The is for “banbaiting” and “server raiding,” as well as “encouraging another player to Tide Fulp.”

Here are some Discord logs with names blocked out.

From the screenshot, it’s just a one-liner joke and didn’t carry any weight whatsoever. Me and the person in the screenie say ironic shit to each other all the time, much more wild than that, and we don’t actually do it. They claimed they ran some legitimate money-laundering scheme to become a 20 year old billionaire, in a way that sounded deadpan, but I took it as irony because I know their way of speaking.

Moreover, and I stress this point - I was the only person being tided by this person the 1-2 rounds we played together. I’m not even sure if we played a round together after these messages, but if so I was playing as a sec officer. I always go security and they often go clown or sec themselves. You can look at the logs to confirm my story that no one was there to “raid Fulp,” much less with two people people on a TG discord making a random offhand remark. The word “raid” wasn’t even mentioned, actually - that was put in by the banning admin.

Please check the logs and confirm no “tiding of sec” happened between us during any common rounds, and I assure you will agree the statement was ironic. Since I play sec 99% of the time, it wouldn’t even make sense for me to seriously suggest we “tide sec.” My only real time “tiding” was several rounds before this and where this player wasn’t even present (BallastMonsterGnarGnar).

As far as my past violations: I’ve done my best to improve - I no longer order weapons w/o cap approval; I don’t use lethal contraband anymore; I don’t use nonlethal contraband; and I’m beginning to just ditch stunbatons and disablers altogether to tame my validhunting (can’t validhunt what you can’t catch) and challenge myself.

The admin mentioned that the person in question griefed later, and that this confirmed the story:

Whatever they did here had no relation to my comment above. It was a joke about “tiding sec,” first of all, and their warning was abuse use of contrabannd as sec. That’s completely unrelated and bears no correlation to what I said.

I won’t make jokes about tiding Fulp sec in the future on private discords. I didn’t think it’d be dug up and taken as seriously as it was, but hopefully after admins review the logs and confirm we didn’t do anything, this can be cleared up. I enjoy playing on the sever and would not want to get permabanned over an offhand joke I made. I will treat jokes like these very seriously from now on if I am unbanned.

Thanks for taking the time to read, and I hope these screenshots provide adequate context.

Joking about raiding the sever by joining sec and being shitters isnt a good joke especially when you know you’re already in not the best place on fulp ending up in the shed twice in a month. Then you’ve been talked to 14 times being a mix of notes and bans while only having 76 hours on the server. Between the constant rule lawyering poor attitude and how you act in game it’s clear you aren’t going to start following the rules anytime soon and you’ve only done this to yourself you can’t blame anyone else for the choices you make. It seems very clear you’re part of the SS13 community to just grief
you can try to appeal this in a few months.