Permaban toxic behaviour appeal Saluthello

Byond Account:saluthello
Character Name(s):Jacqueline Ironmonger
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):
Round ID of Ban: 14582 
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal:

I’ve broken the following rules
9). Avoid antagonizing players and staff via the Discord, Forums, or through OOC/deadchat. While expressing frustration about in-round events is acceptable, ganging up on fellow players is not.

  • 9.1 - IC insults are fine within reason, but harassing other players repeatedly throughout the round or using OOC insults IC is not.

I was extremely toxic during this round and mad.
My dead body was held by a beginner brig doctor for 15 minutes removing my brain, getting my brain MMI tested and blood tested, i didn’t mean to disrespect the admins during the ahelp i just disconnected cause i was aware i wasn’t going to get revived this round.
This ban was a perma ban because i’ve told a person to kill themselves before, this ban was made in march and lasted 2 weeks.
I’ve got a note about it, and i didn’t allude to suicide again.

My behaviour was very bad this round, i’ve lashed out at other people when i should’va had just kept my mouth shut.

This was completely unnecessary of me because this is a beginner friendly server, and i was really bad at the game in the beginning myself, i should’va been more understanding of the situation.

I’d like to ask for the perma ban to be changed to a lenghty ban or put me on OOC/dead chat perma mute and in game mute/no tongue train as a punishment instead.


While the idea of a no tongue Sec Officer mimicking it’s way to arrest people would be funny, it won’t happen.
You have been banned for your toxic behavior and I trust you can do better so there will be no extras on this appeal, no dead chat or OOC limitations. It’s up to you to show us that appealing this ban was the right thing to do and that you will be a good member of our community again.

Accepted, looking forward to see you on the server again.

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