Permad for doing nothing

i suppose i may be in the wrong because i was a bit of a shiter harassing hop for maint access but it never got physical all i did was ring his bell and dodge his disabler. for context reasons i was doing cytology when you do cytology you need maints hop wouldnt give it to me which is fine but his reaction to me just annoying him a little was to have me arrested thanfully a cool player stopped this but hop later arrested me himself and the sec took it upon themselves not on the orders of cap to perma me even though i did not commit a crime and admins were not there to do a thing about it

Uhh, u should’ve posted this in the grief patrol category while filling out the template (incl information like the round id)

i know but im not good with names and so many people were involved its just me coping im not as mad as i was when i posted if i didnt get game ruined here i wouldve at some other moment


Lol ok

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for future reference: if you dont get maints access while doing cytology, go ask the clown to swab their mask & shoes. clown abominations are usually easier to create, if you know what you need.

Mass produce gluttons. give a few of em sentience potions.
now you can continue to harrass HoP saying “look what you’ve made me do! this is all your fault!”
or ask for new IDS for your lab-grown children. dont forget to give them bluespace radio potions as well, so that they can call for help when needed.


sadly security and command seem to have admin immunity from IC punishment, IE slipping them and taking their weapons for trying to arrest you for next to nothing like ringing their desk bell or pushing the clown into them, so sucks to suck just leave the game till next round because youll be the one banned if you try to escape or take any sort of action against their injustice, also making complaints on the forums wont help either, admins dont read them if they are more then two sentences so theres nothing you can do sorry.

admins dont read them if they are more then two sentences

You wrote a wall of text and are suprised nobody read it

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All im sayin is it only takes a welder and a wrench for you to deconstruct a wall and all maintenance door has that backdoor access so even if you don’t have maint access you can just waltz right out THAS all im SAYIN could even probably make a fake wall so you can just go in and go out

literally 1984

Read the rules, read the reply in your ban appeal and perhaps touch a hint of grass to prevent this from happening again in the future.

Also on a side note, criticizing volunteers does not make things any easier for you.

complaining about admins is a great way to end up with the admins biased against you, probably dont do that. also, dont write a frickin chapter of words as your ban appeal

I mean, if it were me, and I pushed the clown into the HoS as a non-antag, I would recognize that it’s physical harassment and the arrest is deserved and let it happen. You’re not supposed to be working against sec as a non-antag, so don’t slip them and take their weapons. Ahelp if you think sec is breaking the rules. We’re a medium RP beginner server, and your play is more low RP.

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I cant believe the admins would do such things…