Perma'd for resisting arrest

Byond Account: yinnopiano
Character Name(s): Kosaki
Discord Name: kosaki#0818
Round ID 12684
Griefer Byond account:n/a                                                        
Griefer Byond name: Ahar Dorthanent, Zion Quantum, Amelia espinosa, Ahar Dorthanent

What happened: I turned myself into the brig by pretending to be a rev
I was arrested and put into holding until the warden put a mind shield in me.
I was then let out of my handcuffs, right after they were taken off i put 3 prisoner jumpsuits and 1 pair of handcuffs into my bag. I was then flashed/stunned & arrested again in the same location, i wasn’t secured to a seat or bed so i started resisting arrest by running around in circles in the holding area. One of the officers opened the door so I ran out into the main brig area where i proceeded to evade arrest while cuffed, eventually i was subdued by two disablers. I was then assigned to Perma for assaulting an officer & resisting arrest. I was stuck in perma for a few minutes until I argued my way out by claiming that i did not do any crimes worthy of perma. 30-40 minutes later I was arrested by a sec officer for reasons I do not know off. When I asked why, the officer said I should be in perma. I was then brought back to brig where I spent the rest of my time with no timer until I was broken out by a random assistant. At the end of the round there was a sentient disease that had a sleepy symptom, a warden passed out in front of me so I stripped him while he was passed out & stole his krav maga gloves. I ran away and he proceeded to follow me out of the shuttle, disabled me & then executed me before dragging my dead body bag onto the shuttle.

I am reporting the officers & warden for mainly putting me in perma for minor crimes. By no means am I an innocent angel, but all they had to do was follow proper spacelaw or stun me and shove me out of brig. During this entire altercation i never once harmed an officer.

Dealt with.