Permanent ban appeal: Razorback555

Byond Account: Razorback555
Character Name(s): Comrade elmo, Ace, Tables-the-tider
Discord Name (Razorback555#1624):
Round ID of Ban: 23122

Ban Message

State your appeal:

Hello! (sorry its a bit long I put quite a bit of effort into this one apologies for any time spent on it)

So earlier today I received a ban for a comment I made in Dead chat, we were on the topic of the sever staff and I said something along the lines of I have had a generally pretty good experience with the Fulp staff except one admin in particular Upon being asked the name of said admin I refused to tell them out of respect for the staff member in question. After this I left the game and came back a few hours to a perma ban on rule 0

So to start things off with the first part of the message about the mentor incident. I fully support and accept being removed from the mentor team I simply should not have responded or acted like that but yet I did because I was annoyed and I understand that is no reason to behave in such a way. I have made no attempts to argue or reverse said removal because I fully support and accept it as if I was in that position I would remove someone just as you had. I also plan to make no further mentor applications due to this. Though I do not fully understand why this is part of the ban seeing as it was over 3 months ago I believe and it has nothing to do with the second part of the ban which I will now talk about.

So now for the main part of the ban here as I recall it. D chat was on the topic of mods and I made a comment about having a general good experience with the staff on the server apart from one particular admin. This was the extent of the comment I was then questioned further by another member of D chat but I refused to name the admin when asked out of respect and not wanting to be rude this will be important later.

As far as I understand it the rule in question I broke was admin interactions rule 0 “While it’s okay to express frustration with admin interactions, doing so in a way that is aggressive or harassing will result in a mute or a ban” I went out of my way in this regard to not target the admin in question by avoiding stating there name and not explaining why I was annoyed I kept it brief as a comment and then left the conversation after my input.

So with a quick conclusion I apologise for anyone I may have caused offence to it was entirely unintended and I do quite like the staff team with my note history showing how I am generally quite apologetic over my mistakes and I do keep rudeness to a minimum.

Again sorry for this being a long one but I hope you can get the ban at least reduced to a non permanent ban as I do quite enjoy the server and its community and once again I apologise to anyone offended by my comment.

With great respect: Razorback

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I’ll be the badmin and deny this. Being ex staff and coming back to say how “fucking terrible” an “actual admin is” I don’t want drama between current and exstaff. It’s unfortunate it came to this.

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