Permenant ban appeal for Momslaya

Byond Account: Momslaya
Character Name(s):Lizzo
Discord Name: nameıorsomthingfuckcısegkvbıvbıv
Round ID of Ban:30580 

Ban Message

I am writing to appeal my recent ban for using a zero tolarance word I understand the community values respectful behavior, and Im here acknowledge my mistake.

half of the word or not me using a slur was not appropriate. I realize it goes against the rules and disrupts the gaming environment I won’t make excuses it was a lapse in my judgment and I am ready to take full responsibility for my action for it

I promise you it won’t happen again. Please reconsider my ban I value the community and will obey the rules.

This was your first warning, so I’m accepting your appeal. Please make sure to look over our server rules as we strictly prohibit anything that is based on a real-life slur. You should be able to connect next round.