Petition to bring gateway back

Petition to bring Gateway missions back.
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Okay then PR some that aren’t broken or full of unbalanced gamer loot thanks looking forward to seeing your work :+1:

Jokes aside they were removed because they are either too laggy or the loot was too unbalanced or just outdated so if you can PR one to /tg/ that fixes those issue it’ll probably get merged


+1 I want to be surfer dude

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Lag isn’t a problem for gateway anymore and much of the powergaming equipment has been removed already, I support readding gateway


The gateway seems really cool, I would love to use it on the station. Good luck with the PR!

if we can all agree to do interesting stuff with gateways i’d be down that even more.
are you sure it’s all good? where are we at with the byond multiple thread situation? is that still tg mainly or what? asking because you pay more attention to the community stuff

I’ve done gateway on TG a few times and it’s super toned down, and I think it can add some fun unique mechanics like exiling and escaping during emergencies, plus exploration is fun! Not to mention some of the maps have been getting recent updates!

Gateway has been enabled on Sybil for I believe a little over a year now and they’re one of the more populated TG servers. Considering Fulp servers run better specs than TGs from their own admission, I think it’s been fine for Fulp to use gateway ever since we left the 2020 (?) codebase freeze.

The main problem since then has been balance, TG had a very short lived time period where they tried to rebalance it by removing the more powerful ones, but no one added new ones to replace it so currently it’s just a few boring ones. It being disabled on all but Sybil also means there’s really no one seeing it to want to add more stuff to it either lol.



tbh it is just mapping at the end of the day so that’s pretty cool.
come on #fulpnation u can do this.