Pets in backpacks

Make it so heads can’t just stuff their pets in their bags to keep em safe from antags all round.
This could be remedied a bit by just making it so they randomly slip out of the bag and try to run away for a few seconds - as if they hate being in the bag.

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You already can shove your pet into your backpack as a head, not sure about the fish, but I know Ian does fit

im saying they shouldn’t be allowed to keep their pets safe in their bags all shift without some kind of system to deter is lightly

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oh I misread lol, I thought you wanted pets in backpacks

I know Lamar will try to jump on RD’s face if he’s stuffed into a bag (which is a very fun yet dangerous interaction depending on the situation, as he also removes your mask), but i agree that this type of thing should happen with all pets, at least for heads

Perhaps have it that animals in backpacks can be hurt if the person takes torso damage. So if you blow up the person carrying them their pet die too.

That way it’s a equal risk bringing the with you.

isn’t lamarr debeaked? at least he is in half life 2. idk about keeping pets out of bags though. maybe you should have them suffocate if they’re inside.

theyre debeaked, but theyll still try to hug your face