Pirates going postal

Byond Account: Shaletto
Character Name(s): Rom Borgulon
Discord Name: Shaletto#3197
Round ID: 16676
Date: September 15th, 2021
Griefer IC name: Renegade Leader Laserhull, Deserter Spacebeard, Deserter Spacekeel
Griefer Byond account (if known): Bun235, bigchungus123, mrgenerico

What happened: Pirates arrived at the station through departures and began walking through the main hallways where tons of people were naturally walking past. The Pirates aren’t attacked at all by anyone other than Sec, but decide to begin attempting to murder everyone they can see in the hallways which have the most foot traffic. They randomly wounded or killed multiple unarmed people who walked past, including a Scientist who crawled into maints and was hunted for some reason. Their ship promptly left without them and they naturally stole next to nothing due to getting carried away with their murderbone spree

Luckily they were slow so most people got away with only one or two e-cutlass slashes and ran away, but that’s extreme overkill for the “crime” of walking down a primary hallway to reach evac.


I was CE during this, just walking down the hallway and I get cutlassed to death by all 3 of them without me pulling out any kind of weapon. As ghost I saw them murder multiple unarmed people, and generally shoot lasers at everyone unprovoked.

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The patrol has been dealt with, thanks for the report!