PJ_2005 Perma Antag Ban Appeal (Technically a month early)

Byond Account: PJ_2005
Character Name(s): Eugnorisma Yuennana
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): PJ_2005#3621
Round ID of Ban: 23909
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Antag 1.1- do not needlessly kill As an abductor, made several brain wash victims with the instruction to obey the aliens and golems which then went and attacked sec. Round 23909
State your appeal:
I apologize for my mistakes during this round, which consisted of:

  • Agreeing with my fellow abductor’s brainwash idea (Pretty bad idea)

*Stealing the atmos metal hydrogen out of spite (uncool, won’t do again)

*Making golems out of it (making golems is a bad idea, won’t do again)

*Getting distracted from the golems (never let golems leave your sight)

*Telling the golems they could kill in self defense (DO NOT DO THIS EVER)

*Not telling the golems to stop tiding as much as i should have

*Helping them after they got arrested by sec (should have just let them die, honestly)

*Recalling the shuttle twice (was uncool, will not do again)

*Honestly, just about anything the abductor scientist recommended was a horrid idea (he recommended i ban evade after i got antag banned) (I will make sure other’s recommendations fall in line with the rules before I do them)

Overall, I apologize for my mistakes in this round, and request to be able to play antag again, or at least conversion antagonists so that I may play without fear of getting round removed by a flash or red hand. (sorry if this got a bit long)

I cant lower this with the amount of notes and bans you have for a player with 1062 hours on the server this is a really new player getting in the grove of it mistake. I will go for your idea of giving you back conversion antags if you can play conversion antags for a month with no notes from admins we can re-visit this again to get all antags back. If there are any issues with having conversion antags given back to you they’ll be taken away again.

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