Plasma flooding brig as a sec officer

Byond Account: ShadowAKT

Character Name: J.K. Jenkins

Round ID: 11258

Griefer Byond account: idk

Griefer Byond name: Charles Munn

What happened: I was the warden, I walk out of brig control and see Charles Munn holding a stack of plasma sheets, and a lighter. They hit the stack with the lighter, causing a plasma fire in the main brig area, this blows out all of the holding cell doors. We never were able to fix them, and our ability to hold prisoners with timers was compromised. They were a sec officer and had absolutely no reason to do this. Luckily they only ended up killing themselves.

I’m charles munn, I’m kinda newish to the game and I didnt actually expect it to blow up and spread like it did. I didnt do it near anyone and I did it out of curiosity over grief. Stupid I know but I even messaged the admins saying I was sorry and I didnt mean for it to get out of hand.

You are a liar and have several notes, including a permaban for this. Normally I don’t like to disclose how we deal with stuff like this, but you will stay permabanned. Don’t even bother appealing.