Plasmaflood for no raisin

Byond Account: Papersmiles
Character Name(s): Veek-El, Rat Emperor
Discord Name: Nikki#3172
Round ID: 25803
Griefer IC name: (i think) Hera
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened:
Mysterious plasmaflood burns through the station. No traitor who had access to atmospherics by the time the plasmaflood started had a final objective. The ai themselves had a 2 kill, don’t die goal combo. I think it was either the ai, a cyborg or somebody else

Hi, the AI here. I was malf, and was using the plasma to assassinate both the fly det and that ethereal mime. Don’t know much atmos so I may have accidentally spread the fire a bit further than the area of med and sec that I was trying to burn. Either that or it spread through an open door.

handled, thanks for report