Player ghosts to spite antag

Byond Account: Purgatory63
Character Name(s): Oio Safiros
Discord Name: F-Etch (confirmed dumbass) | Reece#4244
Round ID: 23010
Date: 11/10/22
Griefer IC name: Raymond Hayhurst
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened:
I was playing as Oio Safiros, a bartender bloodsucker and had a lair in maints. Raymond was nearby with no one else so I used Mesmerize on him, handcuffed and muzzled him to bring him to my lair. My lair area had been hit by a meteor, but at that point pressure was not low enough to damage. I couldn’t open the door to my lair, so I started dismantling a wall to it.
When Raymond saw my coffin and persuasion rack behind it, he pretty much instantly ghosted. I do think there was no air, so he also passed out, but from my knowledge passing out due to oxy loss does not make you suddenly catatonic.
On the very next round, I saw him in dead chat. I don’t know if he played that round, but its suspicious he ghosted last round, then appeared the next, still active.

I can apparently only put one image, but I have other images showing me mesmerizing him, my lair, and even him on the next round. Tell me if those are needed please

Looking into

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