Please dont lock the topic. I am here for a discussion

Hey Fulp.

I am here to make an appeal. I know I have been a big peice of poop, and I understand that you guys hate me. I am genuinely sorry about how I have acted, I at least hope that my de-esclation of rule breaking have prooved that I have at least tried to improve myself in the community.

I was wondering if there was ever a chance of coming back and playing on the server again.

When my ban was made I didnt come to the server to break any rules or make any induendo’s. I was quite involved in the round, we had syndicate nukies and I wasnt really thinking what I said was wrong since I wasn’t actually ERPing or making any notions too ERP. I know I have been really bad in the past and made some really bad choices in reacting to my ban.

I am just wondering if there is a chance to be given another chance…

I came here just to roleplay on a space station and the FULP server is pretty cool. I think if you look into my history on the server itself I always did my best to roleplay and have fun with everyone.

I am just here to ask, Is there ever a chance of being alowed back on the server?

Im not really here to argue the rules, I understand I broke them, im still sorry about doing that, Ive made it clear in the passed and apologized more then once. Im just wondering if I can have another chance to join the server and roleplay in this community becuase at the end of the day, all I wanted to do was roleplay. I didnt assume that saying lewd would be against the rules.

I would just like to know if I could come back even if its in the future.

I am very sorry, I thought I was being extremely self aware. I talked about myself and my love for the server. I dont know why you would say im not geniuinely sorry. I was very confused about how far is too far, again I didnt think "lewd" was too far as a comment. You had people actually ERPing on the server and didnt ban them. I actually didnt think much of the comment of "lewd" because I was deep in roleplay.

your other topic inst even locked at this point you’re just spamming appeals and i keep telling you, you’re not coming back its not gonna happen this is your ninth post about the same topic. We are not going to unban you after one month we can look at your ban again but it isnt going to happen any sooner then one month. Spamming appeals is just further killing your case.