Please unbann me

Byond Account:Ipastine
Character Name(s):forgott
Discord Name:delvey#6628
Round ID of Ban:22774

Ban Message :The ban reason is: round 22774. 20 minute rdm account walking around lighting people on fire with a flamethrower.

State your appeal:I am new to fulp station and I wanted to try that flame thrower I didn’t know it was gonna be a mess,please forgive me ,i will read the rules and i will respect them,can i get an second and final chance please?

I was actually going to give you the benefit of the doubt and appeal this until you decided to go off about needing to talk to a mod IMMEDIATELY about an “emergency” and then DMing random staff (who aren’t able to review bans) about your appeal. This is a violation of our Discord rules which you obviously haven’t bothered to read either.

This is denied. You can file again in 6 months.