Possible grief/RDM/self-antag

Byond Account: zzzmike

Character Name(s): Ned Newson

Discord Name: balthuzad#1770

Round ID: 10895

Griefer Byond account:

Griefer Byond name: Security Android-243

What happened: Security Android-243 cuffed me and left me buckled to a chair in a room with no oxygen and had robocop laws when I spectated them. They said nothing. I was a non-antag engineer just trying to fix tcomms at the time. (They ended up dying to a colossus on lavaland…) I did an ahelp but I didn’t see a response so thought I would finally do one of these. Thanks :slight_smile:

All taken care of! Thanks for reporting sorry for the long response time!

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