Post your "Heal all" Chem mixes here

General healing: A patch containing 20u synthflesh, 10u HOT seiver and 10u Convermol.

red medbot

when a chemist makes oxa / sali /salbutamol / pentetic patches I just hoard them and use when necessary. I don’t see a point in making heal all patchs

  1. grab all the donk pockets boxes you see
  2. heat all the donk pockets
  3. grind all the heated donk pockets and get omnizine
  4. distribute omnizine, a chemical that heals all the basic kinds of damage as long as you don’t overdose

Get murdered by an assistant with a stunprod and spear because he’s pissed you took the donk pockets for his bounty cube

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there’s a brain trauma that makes you think you don’t have injuries so just chug down some mercury and cross your fingers

can’t get hurt if you don’t consent to it :brain:

miner’s salve causes the same effect without having to become braindead and wiggly

convermol is totally useless and just use 40u synthflesh and a hot seiver patch follow up

miner’s salve sucks i like brain damage

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6 lib, 10 Sali, 6 aiuri, 10 oxan, 5 hot seiver, 13 salbutamol. This is made into a pill for quick use. It’s more of a combat med tbh. But can be used in normal uses.

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40u synthflesh 5-10u of hot seiver is good for quick instant healing. Synth instantly heals brute and burn and the seiver will heal the toxin side effects of the synthflesh

You could probably do 35u synth 5u hot seiver for a single use 40u patch

heal grenade
-20u seiver hot 20u synthflesh 30u phosphorus 30u potassium (the seiver hot will lose some heat but if you reheat the mixture the sugar will turn into caramel and no smoke)
-70u synthflesh 30u sugar
the synthflesh will deal at most 113 toxin, but if you have that much brute+burn you’re already a corpse so once you’re defibbed the seiver will take effect, bringing you to 100 health with no surgery and a lil CPR
good for mass dehusking, quickly healing the team during nukies, etc
doesnt heal oxyloss but literally just breathe in them assuming the healing doesnt take them under the crit threshold which it probably will

for less Fun more focused healing i strongly believe the only things you need are synthflesh seiver hot and atropine patches. sal acid is almost a downgrade from libital, oxan+aiuri is a real good mixture for burn and only burn, 5u of seiver at 1000k will heal 131 toxin (and you can go even higher with a zippo), and, like, CPR is good

oh also cryoxad-