Potatoman exposes and attacks revhead as rev, because he "Refuses to rev"

Byond Account: Nonbisco
Character Name(s): Richard Williams
Discord Name: Nonbisco, Pope of Beans#9372
Round ID:15922
Griefer Byond account:dunno
Griefer Byond name:Potatoman
What happened: Potato man was basically throwing the game in the most blatant way I have ever seen, he had just been converted by a revhead in science and decided he was having none of it, and started beating him, yelling "I refuse to rev", then pointed out that the player was a revhead (while a rev himself) and I believe he also pointed out that I was a revhead (which I was). This is a disgustingly blatant gamethrow and I believe he should be punished.

Looking into it.

Dealt with - Thanks for the report.