Potential Aimbot and Greif

Byond Account: CHRBRG
Character Name(s): John Johnson
Discord Name: Alex?#2537
Round ID: 25217
Date: 3/31/2023
Griefer IC name: Dylan Wile
Griefer Byond account (if known): N/A

What happened: This dylan wile and I had a argument about a crate in cargo, after arguing for a while, I left and then he grabbed a toolbox, hacked in to cargo then beat me up flawlessly hitting every shot, from experience there is NO way that he could be that good, I dont have evidence but at the very least I would request him to be watched, after beating me up, he killed me, dragged my body to the airlock and spaced me permanently round removing me from the game.

Update, he must have saw this grief report and sent an erotic PDA message with my PDA he got off of my body, which was sent to the AI who then broadcasted it across the station to everyone, it really irritates me and I hope he can be dealt with soon.
(Screenshot - 2ebe48101949bd0ff2b5be47149c7c68 - Gyazo)

Unlisting this until the shift ends.

T.Hanks for the report! This has been handled for the next time please remember to wait until the shift ends before you file a grief patrol!