Potentially Two people helping cultists before being converted

Byond Account:Carfalgrog

Character Name(s):Abigail Doobert

Discord Name: Carfalgrof#3975

Round ID:24280

Griefer Byond account: I’m not sure how to acquire that info

Griefer Byond name: Stephon Watson and Ryker Addison(Maybe)

What happened: Ryker Addison was in maints with a cultist for a while, cultist was new I guess and Ryker was trying to help. When they got discovered Ryker ran after the discoverer with a box cutter and started stabbing him. Ryker and the cultist were waiting for someone to convert and I never saw Ryker get converted. Ryker got caught and ghosted when arrested. Stephon Watson was at the public mining base waiting to get culted with a cult lawyer, when a non cult miner showed up. Stephon shoved the miner down and crited him with the miners kinectic weapon, then finally a second cultist showed up and converted Watson and the miner Watson attacked.

handled, sorry for the wait lol

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