Powergaming acting captain takes the HoS' laser gun

Byond Account: Pepsilawn

Character Name(s): Xar-See (Might have been Frank Evan Richardson due to database error, forgot)

Discord Name: Pepsilon#7751

Round ID: 11651

Griefer Byond account: N/A

Griefer Byond name: Jack Ruthven

What happened: First of all, as the acting captain they took far more than necessary from the captain’s locker. While the rules state that only the headset might be taken outside of emergency, he went and obtained the saber, the full hardsuit set, the spare ID, the energy gun as well as the cape shiftstart.
Secondly, at one point he decided to go SSD for the rest of the round and while stripping him of dangerous items (He failed at logging off of his console during the rad storm event and we knew that several people were running around with AA due to that incident, so we decided to secure what he was carrying in case one of them went into the bridge and stumbled upon the gear.) we found out that he was in possession of the HoS’ energy gun which, due to not having a shiftstart HoS, was free for him to take. He never once notified the rest of command or security that he had taken it, not even the HoS that we had later obtained. This is especially bad as the gun was one of the traitors’ objectives and were unable to complete it due to not being able to locate it.

I have looked into this, thank you for the report!